Linnworks Integration

Follow these simple steps to connect Ezi Returns with your Linnworks account.

  1. Click here to get redirected to Linnworks
  2. You will be asked to log into your Linnworks account
  3. After logging in you will be given a token
  4. Send this token to us at along with the post codes and order numbers for 2 real orders in your system per sales channel (e.g. 2 Amazon orders, 2 Shopify orders, 2 eBay orders etc.) for us to test.
    1. Please make sure these Order Numbers are either the Linnworks Order Number, or the same order a customer could be expected to know.
  5. Once this has been tested, we'll confirm if it is bringing across everything we need, and if it is, we'll activate it and let you know. Otherwise, we may ask for additional details about your system.


Linnworks may have some of the requested data in what is called 'Extended Attributes'. As these fields can be named freely by customers, our Integration may not be able to find them on first testing.

If we ask you for data that you believe are in these fields, please send us a screenshot of this in your Linnworks accounts. With this, our developer can add an exception for whatever name you have given it, which is steadily covering the most common alternative names used by our clients for these types of fields.