Shopify Integration

Follow these simple steps to connect Ezi Returns with your Shopify store. Please note that Shopify 

Please note that Shopify have a habit of changing their layout and terminology on a regular basis and so the instructions below may not be 100% accurate. Let us know if you encounter issues that prevent you from continuing.


Log into Shopify

  1. Log into your Shopify account, click 'Settings' in the bottom left corner, and go to ‘Apps and Sales Channels’. Then click the ‘Develop Apps’ button.
    1. You may be asked to ‘Allow custom app development’ if this is not already allowed. Please do.
  2. Under 'App Development', click the 'Develop Apps for your store' button in the middle of the page.


Creating the app

  1. First you will be asked to add the 'App Name'. Please call the App 'Ezi Returns'.
  2. Keep the Developer as yourself and proceed with creating the App
  3. On the main App page, either click on 'Admin API Configuration' or click the Configuration tab.
    1. Note that for Permissions, we're looking for the "Admin API" permissions. The "Storefront API" permissions are not relevant to this setup.
  4. On the Access Scopes page, give Read permissions for Inventory, Orders, and Products before Saving the changes.
  5. With the steps above done, click on the 'Install App' button, either at the top corner or on the 'API credentials' page, to complete the process.


When your API Admin Access Token is given, be sure to copy this. It will be needed later:



A quick overview of the App created:

Private app name Ezi Returns
Emergency developer email   Your own email address

Active permissions


Inventory = read access
Orders = read access
Products = read access
Webhook API version Choose the default "latest" version if asked  
Storefront API Leave unticked or unselected if asked


Send us your API Details

With the App created, we'll need its API Keys and tokens sent on to us. These keys, and all the steps above, will need to be sent for each Shopify store you have / wish to integrate.

You can find the keys on the 'API Credentials' page of the created app.

Please email the following for each Shopify account to, letting us know that you are using Shopify as your Order Management solution(s):

  1. Your Shopify URL, e.g. ''
  2. Your API Key, e.g. 'd5d114be012a4a3beb0q9a1dffb54b61'
  3. Your Admin API access token, e.g. 'shpat_73ddd8ff1df0810897294f77qbf363q8'
    1. Note: This will be hidden after first being revealed, so you may wish to copy the code or take a screenshot. If you do not capture the information on reveal, you will have to ask Shopify to reveal the code again.
  4. Two (2) Order Numbers for completed Orders within your system(s)
    1. Note: These will be used to test the connection with each Shopify store, so records with as much detail as possible are preferable so all fields can be tested.

We will run tests on the Order numbers given to make sure the Integration is working and all fields needed are being brought across. In the event that they are not all being brought across, we will highlight what is missing and ask that you add it to your Shopify system. Successful tests of orders containing all required information will be needed before the integration can go fully live. You can find details of these required fields here.